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Still Standing specializes in customized Equine Assisted Experiential Learning programs, specifically designed to fit the diverse needs of those we serve.  We follow the EAGALA model (, and all of our activities occur on the ground (no riding the horses).  We offer hands-on, interactive contact with the horses, directly focusing on more “do” and less “talk.” 

The most common participant goals relate to:  self awareness, styles of communication, roles within relationships, creative problem solving, self confidence, the evolution of trust, leadership effectiveness, dynamics within groups, team discovery and evolution.


Why horses?  In humans and horses alike, non-verbal cues are the single most powerful form of information exchange.  Horses offer the gift of instant, direct, and honest feedback regarding these interactions.  They are masters at recognizing levels of congruency and are not particularly impressed with what you say, your bank account, your profession, the car that you drive…


Horses pay acute attention to how you interact, and offer unfiltered and immediate reflections based on their impressions.  This clarity of feedback provides limitless opportunity for personal growth and learning.  Not to mention, spending time outside with horses is an incredibly fun and dynamic way to learn about yourself and others! 


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Still Standing is a program of Chiron Center, Inc. (
a non-profit dedicated to providing behavioral health education, support and resources
to those who place themselves in harm's way in service of others.  
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